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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

We call forth identity, purpose and destiny in everyone.

Our pieces provide a way for us to connect with truths about ourselves, promises we are believing for, and our destiny as it unfolds.  

God believes that you are loved, beautiful and strong, and we do too.  


Vision Statement

We are a family of like-minded creatives who value integrity, and calling forth the gold in others.

We believe in the doing the right thing even when it’s a sacrifice.

We believe in world transformation starting from within.

We believe that no one has to be a victim of circumstance—we were each created to be powerful, and with our words we have the ability to transform the world within us and the world around us.

We value the Voice and Presence of God above all else.


Core Values


Love is a person, and His name is Jesus. We are committed to partnering with Him in speaking life, hope and truth to you with every piece we create and every word we write.  All we are and all we do flows from our connection with Him.  


We uphold a culture of FAMILY

Our interactions are marked by mutual respect, clear communication, honor and integrity. We ask powerful questions and seek to understand, demonstrating a value for connection over agreement and progress over perfection. We dedicate time to play together, pray together and champion each other.


We uphold a culture of EXCELLENCE 

We are committed to always provide excellent craftsmanship for our customers. Productivity and efficiency enable us to create beautiful, meaningful pieces that you will enjoy for years to come. We care about creating the highest quality products and providing excellent customer service for all our customers.


We uphold a culture of CELEBRATION 

We choose gratitude and praise in all things, as we believe celebration encourages creativity and expression. We seek to find the gold in every person and circumstance. We are committed to being a voice in the world that encourages everyone we encounter to choose life, joy and freedom.


We uphold a culture of GROWTH 

To us, there are no failures - only opportunities to grow. We value feedback and are committed to always practice humility. We are risk-takers, lifelong learners and pursuers of continual growth. We value the opportunity to take ownership for our choices. We welcome bold, new ideas that challenge us to dream bigger and seek to bring heaven to earth.