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ANCHOR - My Hope is in God (Hebrews 6:19)

ANTLER - Fighting For What Is Yours, Champion

ARROW - Bringing Heaven to Earth, Breakthrough

BEE - Community, Unity, Family (because of the hive lifestyle of the bee)

BIRD - Holy Spirit (from the story of the dove in Luke 3)

BUTTERFLY - Transformation, Process (The way a butterfly transforms in the cocoon)

CHRYSANTHEMUM - Truth (a cultural symbol of truth in some nations)

CLOCK - God's perfect timing

COMPASS - God’s Leading and Direction

CREST/COAT OF ARMS – Legacy, Heritage

CROSS - Finished Work of the Cross

CROWN - Royal Identity and Inheritance

CIRCLE  WITH CRYSTAL- Desires of Our Heart (the crystal is placed within the circle charm to symbolize the way God places desires within us)


DAISY - Purity and Wholeness

DOVE - Peace (from the dove that found dry land for Noah in Genesis 8)

ELEPHANT - The Testimony, Remembering God's Goodness (from the cultural proverb "elephants never forget")

FEATHER - The Presence of God, Never Alone

(Psalm 91:4)

HEART - Known and Loved by God

HELMET - Mind Renewal, the Mind of Christ

HUMMINGBIRD - Anything is Possible

KEY - Authority, Revelation

LABRADORITE - Light of the World (because of the unique way the light passes through the stone

LEAF - New Season, Transition

LIGHTNING BOLT - Powerful & Empowered

LILY - God Provides Abundantly

(Matthew 6 parable of the lilies)

LION - Courage, the Lion of Judah

LOCK - Guard Your Heart, Pure-Hearted

OWL - Wisdom

PEARL – You are Precious

RHINESTONE - Authenticity & Vulnerability (like rhinestone, you shine when you are fully yourself)

SHIELD - Faith, Shield of Faith

(from the armor of God in Ephesians 6)

SEED - Promise of God

STAR – Favor of God

STARFISH - Multiplication and Acceleration

SUN - Praise and worship (Psalm 113:3)

SWORD - Word of God (Hebrews 4:12)

TREE - Abundant Life

WILDFLOWER: Restoration (Because they are restored to the land year after year, even after destruction)

WING - Protection


GOLD - The gold found within

SILVER - Refined by fire


 Color Meanings

WHITE - truth, peace

GRAY - wisdom and honor

BLUE - divine revelation, freedom

GREEN - generosity, abundance

YELLOW - joy, happiness

PURPLE - royalty, authority, creativity

RED - perfect healing through Jesus’ sacrifice, intercession

AQUA - refreshing/rest, true friendship

TEAL - devotion, trustworthiness

PINK - innocence, childlike, purity