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About The Crowning Jewels 

In a world where many are seeking to know who they are, we at The Crowning Jewels are holding out a key to your destiny.  You were created with a specific purpose, inherent gifts, and a life story that only you possess. Though lies have come against you all your life, trying to drown out the truth of your significance and power, the truth still remains.

Words create worlds.  

What you speak and believe has the power to transform you.  

Each piece of jewelry we design is created to be a reminder of your calling, your story, and your destiny. Handcrafted with rich words and deeply rooted meanings, each wearable keepsake represents divine truth and living promises that will declare hope over you when you forget.

The truth is, when you are daily walking in the awareness of who you were created to be, there is little that can stand in the way of you walking right into your destiny.

We're here to remind you who God says you are on each step of the way.

About Founder and Creator Anne (Ballard) Jackson

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Even though I grew up in a creative household, when it came time to choose a career path, I chose a profession that felt "safe" to me - nursing - and it became a successful career for me for seventeen years.  On the side I still dabbled in creative outlets, but something was always missing in my life.  Although my faith had shaped me in a profound way, I began to learn that my view of myself and God was distorted. I began to learn the reality that words have the power to affect the world around me, as well as the world within me.  This was a revelation to me, and I slowly began to transform the way I thought about myself and others.  As my beliefs became anchored in this new revelation, I began to have hope, and I began to really love myself.  The more I loved myself, the more I realized that God loved me too, and that He had a grand design for my life. I started creating again, experimenting with painting and refinishing furniture. Even still, I longed for a greater purpose behind the things I created.  Eventually, out of my own journey of identity, discovery, and search for my own purpose, The Crowning Jewels was born. I felt a need to speak life over others, call forth their destinies, and create beauty.  We hope you find that the pieces we've designed do just that for you.