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Put On Love | 2018 Yearly Blog

Put On Love | 2018 Yearly Blog

| Anne Ballard

Lost ones are returning home and family is being restored.  Supernatural keys will unlock strategies, innovation, and blueprints from heaven.  Justice will prevail and promises will no longer be delayed.  Identity will eliminate poverty and victories will be frequent and corporate.  God’s pure love is dispelling perversion, and God’s goodness and voice will be manifesting in exciting new ways.  


“And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.”

Colossians 3.14

Lost ones are returning home and family is being restored.  Supernatural keys will unlock strategies, innovation, and blueprints from heaven.  Justice will prevail and promises will no longer be delayed.  Identity will eliminate poverty and victories will be frequent and corporate.  God’s pure love is dispelling perversion, and God’s goodness and voice will be manifesting in exciting new ways.  


God is reviving family.  He’s doing this by breathing new life, new desire and new freedom into marriages, as well as by restoring mother and father relationships.  God loves family and He’s working to mend what was broken, revive what was dead, and redeem what was lost.  Look for these things to be happening in both natural family and spiritual family relationships.  He is restoring the mother- and father-heart in the church. The church will model to the world what healthy family looks like, and it feels like love.  Also, look for prodigals to return home to you and to God this year.  Your prayers are being answered.  The lost will be lost no more.  





2018 is a year of celebration.  There will be multiple ongoing and recurrent victories, both personal and corporate.  Picture runners running in a race, surrounded by the bride of Christ, who are cheering them on as they run.  As each runner gets to the finish line, all those on the sidelines rejoice.  Each one passes through the finish line a winner, and everyone is celebrating together.  The moral is this: every victory, no matter how small, should be celebrated -  for if we neglect to herald even our own personal breakthroughs, they will melt away into the fabric of our lives, forgotten.  Make the time to celebrate even minor triumphs with others, for they are marking our way.  





2018 will be a year of promises coming to pass.  God is redeeming what you have lost.  Your prayers have been heard, and now is the time to stand in faith, believing that God is working on your behalf. He is working all things together for your good, and the desires of your heart truly matter to Him.  Promises that have been blocked or delayed are being released. ‘He who promised is faithful,’ Hebrews 10.23.





God is releasing authority to combat injustice.  Those who are called to fight will have a fierce mother- and father-heart for the oppressed.  Their “no” will end years of oppression, injustice, persecution and captivity.  They will know that the strength of God’s authority is their assurance, and as they step out in faith, the scales of justice will tip.   Great strides will be made this year to end sex-trafficking.  ‘The strength of your authority is my assurance,’ (paraphrased from Psalm 23.4 The Passion Translation).  If God is for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8.31) It is time for injustice to end.  





This is a year for financial increase.  God is releasing easy solutions to poverty, but they are all rooted in identity.  People will understand that they are every inch loved by God.  There is a corporate shift out of a poverty mindset into a wealth mindset, and the foundational key is in knowing who God says you are.  Believing what He says about you will unlock the natural resources necessary for making this shift.  It will be the shift from poverty to abundance.  The wealth of the wicked has been stored up for the righteous to advance the Kingdom of God (Proverbs 13.22).  In business and in personal finances you may find yourself saying, ‘the numbers just don’t add up.  It can only be God!’  Supernatural miracles of financial provision will become commonplace as He gets key players in place to demonstrate His righteousness on the earth.  As the Church shifts its thinking toward a wealth mentality, multiple streams of income will open up.  Boxes are being shattered, and the secular/sacred divide is being erased.  No more lines.  




SUPERNATURAL KEYS: Blueprints, Strategy, Innovation

2018 is a year for risk.  God will match your courage by giving you clarity for your steps forward.  He will cause things in your heart to burn, and that’s how you’ll know which way to go.   By intentionally erasing the line between the secular and sacred, people will be freed up to walk into their divine, unshakable destiny.  All the seeds that have been sown into the dreams of your heart have not been lost.  It is time to bloom, to grow, to blossom.  Like a skier skiing down a ski slope, the trek up the mountain has already been done, and now is the time for the fruition of all that you’ve waited for.  You have what you need for this part of your journey and it’s time to pursue that which is in your heart.  You will not be easily swayed, for when you fight for something, you gain authority through the battle.  Take ownership over your very own unshakable destiny.  God is releasing blueprints, strategies, and innovations that will change the world.  He is bringing spiritual keys to new inventions in the natural.  The spiritual overlay will complete the creation.  Divine collisions are being orchestrated; He is causing things/people to be forcefully thrust together, and this collision is necessary to move forward.  It will create necessary changes in course and new relationships.  God is releasing wisdom, solutions and connections in the nighttime, as well as in the secret place.  





Fix your eyes on Jesus in 2018, for there is a highway to the Lion of the tribe of Judah.  Jesus is being revealed in a fresh way as the Bridegroom and Lover, and those who know Him this way will understand that they are the head and not the tail.  They are the chosen ones, and they rejoice that He loved them first.  Worship unlocks intimacy and encounters in the Throne Room.  





God is dispelling fantasies and perversions that have tainted love.  False fantasies and desires for what we have believed love to be are being purified so that God can reveal the truth of His pure love.  Our lenses for viewing, perceiving, and understanding love are being cleansed.  The allure of the false intimacy that is pornography is losing its hold on our culture through an outpouring of God’s genuine love.  God’s love is stronger; it is real and it is rewriting people’s stories.  





The body of Christ is growing significantly in the way they hear God this year.  This increased level of hearing, seeing and discerning is necessary for stewarding and navigating the increase that God is bringing.  Look for Him to speak to you in new ways, and for it to be easier than ever before.  





God’s goodness is being revealed to the world in glorious new ways.  Celebrating the testimony unveils new facets of His goodness.  Start declaring his goodness, and watch Him surprise you!


Declarations for 2018:
  • Identity eliminates poverty.  
  • The strength of your authority is my assurance.
  • Above all, I put on love.
  • Prodigals are lost no more.  
  • Blocked promises are being released.
  • I am every inch loved.
  • I have an unshakable destiny.  
  • I am the head and not the tail.  
  • Love will save the world.

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Written by Anne E. Ballard