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The Spiritual Warfare Series: Promises Fulfilled

The Spiritual Warfare Series: Promises Fulfilled

| The Crowning Jewels

As believers, we are called to live a life of faith. In addition, we are to partner with God in bringing heaven to earth. However, we live in a fallen world and the spiritual battlefield is real. The powers of light and darkness are at war and we have a role to play in seeing the Kingdom of God come on earth. It is time to stand up and fight. As believers, we have been given authority from God to release heaven on earth. It’s time for us to align with heaven’s blueprint for this time and war with our prayers and declarations. The Bible tells us that our prayers commission angels to carry out God’s plans. Therefore, pray!! 

Our Spiritual Warfare Series is a collection of blogs to remind you of your spiritual authority and the truth of God’s Word. In addition, we’ve designed jewelry around these themes. Read these blogs and wear these pieces as a reminder to pray and partner with Heaven. It’s time to stand up and fight for truth, for righteousness, and for justice. 

Promises Fulfilled

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.” 

Hebrews 10.23 

You’ve been believing in God for promises and dreams in your heart for a long time–He’s given you dreams and visions you’re waiting to see fulfilled. However, the waiting can get messy and difficult when things don’t happen exactly how we hoped or imagined or on our timeline. In these moments, it can be easy to give into discouragement, hopelessness, or fear. Did we really hear God? What if we missed it? Was that promise really true? 

However, don’t lose heart. So many giants of the faith experienced long waiting periods before their promises came to pass–Abraham and Sarah, Joseph, King David all endured challenging periods before they received their promise.  So don’t give into fear and doubt! Maintain a posture of hope, joy, and faith because God’s word can’t return void. He will fulfill His promise to you. He will bring those dreams to pass on your life.

Meditate on His goodness and allow hope to flood back into your being. Declare “my promise will come to pass!” Hold onto hope against all hope because He who promised is faithful.When you feel discouraged, give thanks! And pray with courage and gratitude. Your promise is on its way!! 


God, thank you that You are the God who keeps His promises and You can bring impossible dreams to pass. Give me the gift of faith to believe YOU above every circumstance and give my heart the patience to keep hoping and believing no matter what.

Even if I face obstacles and challenges, I will believe you. Because You are the God who keeps His Word and promises.

I trust You.
I believe You.
I hope in You.

You are outrageously good. Thank You for bringing about the deep dreams and promises on my life. I wait with joyful anticipation to see the fulfillment of Your Word.


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