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Sound Mind: Toggle Clasp Bracelet

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Be the first to write a review

“God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of power and love and sound mind."
2 Timothy 1:7 

Negativity, fear, doubt, and shame can all wreak havoc on our sense of wellbeing. In addition, negative thought patterns can keep us trapped in cycles of pain and lack. But God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love, and a sound mind! YOU were given access to the mind of Christ. This stunning toggle bracelet is a powerful reminder of what you have access to in Him!

God, thank you that I have been given the mind of Christ! I have not received a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind! I relinquish all thoughts of negativity, fear, doubt, shame, and self-loathing, and I pick up heaven’s perspective over me and my situation. 

I am created in the image of God. I am deeply loved. I am chosen and set apart. God is turning every situation around for my good! Thank you, Lord, for giving me your perspective about myself and my circumstances! Thank you that I’m made in your image and that there is divine destiny on my life! I will meditate on who you are and what you say about me! 

Words on Bracelet

  • "Sound mind"


  • Toggle clasp bracelet
  • Available in three different sizes, 6.5 inches, 7.5 inches (standard size), 8.5 inches
  • Gold or Silver plated jewelry
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Comes with The Crowning Jewels logo and "hope" tag
  • Comes with 3x3 insert with prayer
Based on 289 reviews
Great Gift for Anyone!

I purchased this as a gift to provide encouragement, strength, hope, comfort and wisdom to a young college student! The prophetic message inspires each woman that I have given a gift to!

Birthday gift for my friend

My friend was so very happy with her gift xxx

A perfect gift

I was so blessed by my own heaven inspired necklace that I ordered one for my daughter in law. She had been out of the country learning and doing missions for the last 6 months. I felt that an encouraging prophetic word would help her. It ended up being the very word she had been praying over for her new season now at home.

I mis- understood how to order but now I understand

I purchased this for my best friend on Aug 22 and it was delivered finally on Sept 12, but I was under the impression I picked the charm and word to match and you pray over it and send her a prayer with the selected charm. When my bestie got her necklace and it was not what I ordered I was confuse, but I reached out to customer service and they explained it to me. My bestie understands too that the charm she received was what God placed on your hearts and not what i wanted - LOL God's plan not mine! Of course my favorite bible verse is Jer 29:11 - I do plan to order myself one now as I am anxious to know what God says to you about me! Thank you for your ministry.

I’m still waiting for the order to be delivered. There was a problem with the address. I still haven’t received an email saying it’s been shipped out

Heaven inspired Necklace

Love it! Thank you so much! Will definitely be buying more again. Such a fun gift for friends.

I just became a widow 9 months ago. When I received my earnings and a compass was etched on my earnings it made me cry because my journey Going forward is one I will navigate without my husband of 56 years. But I have faith in our Heavenly Father that he will guide me along the way.

SO beautiful!

I purchased two necklaces for a mother/daughter duo who recently lost their husband/father. Both of them said the necklaces spoke into their present circumstances and struggle. I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR TCJ! These are the PERFECT gifts!

Best friend gift

She absolutely loved it and it came at the right time. God knows exactly what is needed and when it is needed.

Simply Beautiful

I have ordered multiple times and am in complete amazement and the beauty and on time word I've received with each purchase. Will continue to order and recommend to as many people as I can.

Gift for grandaughter

She loved her beautiful birthday gift and received many compliments from her girlfriends

Unfortunately my order was stolen. Hopefully they will be retrieved. Waiting another week before reordering.

Spot on!

I’m blown away every single month by the accuracy of the prophetic message accompanying the monthly product! Thank you for your diligence and obedience on hearing from the Lord!

Heaven Inspired 1-Disc Dannah Necklace - Gold
Juliette Arroyo
Its so beautiful

I have had many of my friends ask me where I purchased such a beautiful meaning faithful piece of jewelry. They now have your web site.
Thank you for your beautiful creation.

Gift Cards
Candace Peleska

Gift Cards


I absolutely love my bracelet and I’m so grateful for the words that came with it. Can’t even begin to express how timely it was and how it brought such confirmation to my heart.


My dear friend was very touched by the gift and the encouraging word she received. It was her 70th Birthday and I haven't seen her in many years so it was important for me to make it special.

Thank you!

My friend was so touched by the gift and she cried when she read the note sent with it. God encouraged her! Thank you!

The perfect gift!

i bought these earrings for a friend who received the most timely word for her birthday. she was crying. it meant so much to her. not only did she love the earrings but she was deeply touched by the words of knowledge , over her life. this is a beautiful company.

Amazing Gift!

My 11 year old daughter and I had just wrapped up a mother/ daughter bible study with a small group and I wanted something meaningful to cap off our first study together and to speak life into her! What an amazing gift— I am now thinking of Christmas gifts!

Heaven Inspired Hardcover Journal

I bought these for my small group, and they were spot on! Every order I’ve made with Crowning Jewels, has been amazing. I haven’t gotten one product yet that hasn’t spoken to the individual it was given to. I even bought a journal for myself and I was amazed of how spot-on the word was for the season I’m in at the moment. 10/10 would recommend!!

Heaven Inspired Elam Necklace - Gold

Perfect message

It was the perfect message that I needed to hear. It’s applicable to every aspect of my life.

Just what I needed

I'm a single mom. Fear has been my heaviest opponent for the last 10 years. Anxiety ruled my life after my divorce. I was a mess. Each year I look back and wonder how far have I really come. Some days I feel confident while other days I'm ready to tuck and run. I feel like I've let God down with what I had hoped to accomplish. Lately I've been pushing for more fire and faith. My first order was for me. This bracelet. Not for selfish reasons, I needed someone who doesn't know me to share what God sees. No outside influence. The word on my bracelet was "fearless". That brought tears to my eyes and lit a new fire in my heart. The word was not only timely but touched my heart in a deep place that I could be called fearless. I'll be praying into this for while.

Monthly Subscription
Toni Maresca Charpentier
August Subscription

Gorgeous necklace! I love getting my monthly surprise!