October "He Is For Us" Bracelet

In the month of October, God is releasing upgrades and transitioning people to their most strategic places. He is releasing grace for humility and to release areas of pride and stubbornness. He is refining us in our character and using disappointments and setbacks to grow us into the most refined versions of ourselves. It’s time to partner with Heaven and listen to what God is doing and place your “yes” on His.

Read the full blog on what we believe God is doing in the month of October by clicking here.

This charming bracelet is a powerful reminder of truth amidst transition. It reminds us to "see the good" God is doing in every season, that "He is for us," that He is leading and guiding us (compass). The leaf reminds us of the beauty of new seasons and the butterfly serves as a reminder of the power of transformation and trusting God in our process. 

This contains five small round pendants each with a symbol or phrase. Wear as a reminder of God's faithfulness in all things.

Words & Charms on this Necklace:

  • "See the Good" 
  • "He is for us"
  • Compass - God’s Leading and Direction
  • Leaf - New Season, Transition
  • Butterfly - Transformation, Process

      Want to read more about our charm meanings? Click here for our full meanings list.


      • Bracelet measures 7.5"
      • All components are gold-plated 
      • Made by hand
      • Includes The Crowning Jewels brand logo tag with the word "hope" on the back 
      • Comes with a 3x3 insert of faith-filled truths to declare over your month
      • This is a limited edition piece, only available for purchase in the month of October.

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