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November 2022 Declaration Postcard

  • $1.00

In the month of November, God is inviting us to take risks with him. Instead of avoiding challenges because of the fear of failure, God is teaching us to view failure as an opportunity  to grow. God is giving eyes to see with faith not fear. This month, choose to listen to the promises of God over fear or intimidation. Come to God exactly as you are and give Him your weariness and discouragement in exchange for hope and strength. It’s time to rise up and step out in bold faith. This month exchange fear for faith, discouragement for hope, and heaviness for joy. God is with you.

Read the full blog on what we believe God is doing in the month of November by clicking here.

This postcard comes with five meaning-filled declarations to inspire and encourage your heart this month. 


  1. I am embracing failure as an opportunity for growth
  2. I am looking at the promises of God over the obstacles in front of me
  3. I am choosing to believe the Word of God and not any reports of intimidations.
  4. I am trading my discouragement for joy.
  5. God is setting me free from heaviness and I am living with hope and purpose.