May Postcard 2022

In the month of May, God is encouraging us to have unwavering faith and relinquish our backup plans. He is qualifying us in the places we feel that we lack talent or experience. He is purifying us and inviting us to surrender any area of compromise. And He is guiding us into perfect truth. This month, take time to focus on His Presence and allow His goodness to remind you of who you are in Him.

You can read the full blog on what we believe God is saying over May here.

This lovely postcard comes with five powerful declarations.


  1. I am going all in on trusting God–no backup plan.
  2. God is qualifying me for my calling.
  3. I am surrendering all fear, lack, and unforgiveness.
  4. I have been made pure and holy–I am the Bride of Christ.
  5. God is leading me into all truth.


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