May Postcard

In the month of May, we believe there is a renewal taking place on the earth. Things that have been destroyed are being rebuilt and what has been lost is being restored. There is a victorious awakening happening in God’s people and those who can feel the tangible pull are rising up. It is time for us as a body to decide that we hold the key to the rebuilding. As we stand in faith, our ways of rebuilding will be misunderstood by the world. In times of uncertainty and pain, we get to choose to remain confident in the goodness of God. We will worship and praise Him in the midst of chaos. When we are left with little, we get to continue giving away to those in greater need. As isolation tempts us stronger, we are bent towards choosing connection and living in family. Fear of pain will convince us to stay distracted, but we will give into the stillness, allowing the Lord to heal our hurt. When feelings of confusion invade, instead of retreating, we will be the ones moving closer to God, asking what He is building in the earth. God is calling us to be united in this unprecedented time and as we choose to stand together in the rebuilding, He will do the heavy lifting. This is our awakening: we will be known as a generous, courageous and victorious people.

Read the full blog on what we believe God is doing in the month of May by clicking here.

Let these declarations bring about transformation as you speak them over yourself. Hang it on your mirror, place it in your car visor it send it to a friend. Be filled with hope and anticipation as these words ring true. 

Postcard: 4x6


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