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Simply Elegant

I was excited to receive my necklace and read what was engraved on it! What an amazing way to encourage others with God’s love. It’s a simple yet beautiful piece of jewelry that will remind me of His goodness and faithfulness.

Beautiful and Inspiring Necklace

I loved receiving my necklace and the encouraging words given by God just for me. It is a beautiful piece of jewelry and fills me with joy when I wear it!

Love them

The quality is great. Great communication on the order to mailing process.

The sweetest necklace

I have ordered from this company for the past 4 years and it has always been good for the most part! I loved the necklace but the quality wasn’t the best for how much it cost, it felt very cheap, but overall I would purchase again and I love their mission!

Beautiful, elegant, and treasured

I have been seeing the ads on Facebook and wanted to try it out. The necklace is so stunning and the prayer was so touching and exactly what I needed to hear. I have bought two more to give gifts to friends and family members because I love it that much! Highly Recommend!

I cried when I opened it up and saw the message for my daughter. I can’t wait to give it to her for Easter.

Somewhat disappointed

I am pretty disappointed in the quality of the necklace.The chain was super short and it seemed cheaply made. I had such high hopes and was excited to be able to splurge and purchase a piece of prophetic jewelry from TCJ for my sister's birthday. When it finally arrived it was a real let down. Maybe I'll be able to try them again someday.

Loved it but it broke

I loved my bracelet. It was definitely heaven inspired. But it broke after only a few days of wearing it 😩

"abundance of creativity"

I received my necklace and got "Hope". It has been very fitting as this year I have been trying to be more encouraging to others around me. I was listening to IF:2024 and Curt Thompson and Ann Voskamp were speaking to each other and one said "Hopelessness is poverty of imagination." That struck me so much as I had received this hope necklace. So if that is hopelssness, then hope as I see it, is an abundance of imagination and creativity. AND since Jesus is our hope, he is the most creative and I find that very beautiful.

Loved this new travel jewelry box. So functional.

I love my necklace. The word was exactly what I needed.

Straight to the heart

The word spoken over my daughter and unborn granddaughter was spot on. It help give my daughter direction and purpose for this unplanned pregnancy. And spoke life into her baby that gave her hope for a positive future!

Mary Ebenezer
Amy Elkins
Poor quality, very long processing time and ZERO customer service responses after many attempts

I have emailed two times with ZERO response to request a return. The quality of the item was not up to par for the cost paid and I ordered four items. The size was larger than expected and the processing time was a month from the order time. I contacted customer service via email twice with zero responses and I spent over $200 for this order . Very unhappy on everything and. Is it’s hearing 30 days from the order date to even make a return. The website gives no description on how to make a return except to email


This necklace and it’s Heaven inspired Word could not have been more perfect!

So sweet! It was a birthday gift, and she loved it!

So beautiful and personal, incredible how the people running this company hear from God!

Hannah Ebenezer
Ashley Danae
Absolutely gorgeous

In my season of life right now, I wanted a constant reminder of God’s promise to me!

Not a great experience

The necklace was nice but we wouldn’t order from here again. It came about a month late and we didn’t realize we couldn’t pick the word. We picked a necklace with a specific word for a reason and it was unclear that we’d receive a random word. It was a gift for my MIL and next time I’ll buy from somewhere else.


I am not one to write reviews but after experiencing this on multiple orders I am going to write this one.

I ordered new seasons earrings weeks in advance for a birthday gift for a dear friend. There is no engraving required etc so I figured it would be there on time. The earrings did not get delivered for over a month. On top of that, there was no card of encouragement or explanation as to what new season earrings mean.

Ultimately, I’d like to see gift options upon purchase to let the receiver know who sent them, but also on plain products such as new seasons earrings that don’t require engraving at least a card be sent explaining/encouraging the receiver to the meaning of what they are receiving.

Personally, I was frustrated having even received an email about ordering from the “Valentine’s Day gift” options, and sincerely wondered why I would ever consider to order if it is taking simple items over a month for delivery?

Beautiful peace and beautiful prophecy

This was my first purchase from Crowning Jewels. The jewelry is beautiful and I wear it every single day. The prophetic word they shared was exactly what’s been going on in my life this last year and it was so comforting. They also used it based on the psalm 91. Growing up as a Catholic, the only thing I could hold onto during that time was on the hymn Eagles wings and that’s exactly what the prophetic word was about and the wing piece that they added to the bracelet. It brought Holy Spirit chills and tears to me. I have ordered so many things for friends afterwards to encourage them. I love this ministry.


Beautiful. I absolutely love it. I think I’m allergic to the chain, so I can’t wear to. That makes me really sad

Monthly Subscription
Taresa hancock

I have attempted multiple times to cancel this subscription. The number on website is to a constables phone! Please cancel my subscription.
Taresa Hancock

Great gift

Lovely piece with deep meaning for my friend. I have repurchased for other friends. Delicate and feminine.

So Special!

Just as all of my other CJ pieces, the Heaven Inspired Antioch necklace did not disappoint. It has such special meaning to me…I will no doubt cherish it for years to come!

I love this necklace so much. However my clasp has already broken. Where do I go for help with that?