October Postcard

In the month of October, God is inviting us to examine our beliefs. He is providing an opportunity to examine whether they are rooted in His word or if they have been molded by our experiences of the world. He is reminding us that we are covered in the armor of God and that our identity and salvation come from being His alone. We no longer have to fight for this confidence, we simply get to agree with Him and live it out from a place of victory. We were created gloriously different from one another, but our core value to see the Kingdom of God invade Earth is what unifies us. He is creating a united body and a sturdy foundation. As we come to others vulnerable and humble, He will replace offense with compassion and give us pathways to reconciliation.

Read the full blog on what we believe God is doing in the month of October by clicking here.

Let these declarations remind you that you are a light that cannot be hidden. You shine, and the world is changed. Hang this postcard on your mirror, place it on your car visor or send it to a friend. Be courageous as you declare this truth from a place of victory!

Postcard: 4x6


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