June Postcard 2022

In the month of June, God is drawing people to His Presence and reminding us that He is our safety and security. He has called His people for such a time as this and is inviting us to take small action steps, to re-anchor ourselves in hope, and to put our full trust in Him–no matter what is happening in the rest of the world. Be empowered to trust Him and do your part to influence the world around you. You are significant and your voice has the power to change the world. It’s time to take steps of courage and of faith. 

Read the full blog on what we believe God is doing in the month of June by clicking here. 

This postcard comes with five powerful declarations.


  1. I am significant and my voice changes the world
  2. I have been chosen by God for such a time as this
  3. I am placing my trust  in God above any external thing
  4. God is my safety and my security 
  5. I am anchored in hope


Hello You!

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