January 2022 Postcard

In the month of January, God is refocusing our vision and stirring our hearts back to Him. He is leading us into a spacious place and breathing life and inspiration on old dreams. He is increasing our discernment and inviting us to take action and partner with Him amidst opposition. It’s time to hold fast to our faith and co-labor with Him to bring about the Kingdom of God. In addition, this is a month of taking action and moving forward with fresh focus and inspiration.

Read the full blog on what we believe God is doing in the month of January by clicking here.

January Declarations:

  1. I will fight for God’s purposes and plans to prevail. 
  2. I am remembering what God has said to me.   
  3. God is bringing me into a spacious place. 
  4. I will display strength and take action.  
  5. God is actively increasing my discernment.  


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