Fearless & Enough Tema Necklace

Do you want a daily reminder of how God sees you? Or do you want to let someone else know how worthy and fearless she is?

You are worthy of love and belonging, exactly like you are now. Refuse the message that tries to convince you that you're not good enough by reminding yourself of the truth everyday. This necklace declares over you how Jesus sees you. Every inch of you is chosen deliberately and intentionally, there was nothing left to chance.

When you're in a situation where you have to conquer your fear and take a leap of faith, know that you are far more fearless than you know! You are unafraid and victorious, you can handle anything because the Source of your courage never leaves your side. Wear this piece to remind yourself that you're worthy, enough and fearless!

Words on this reversible necklace:

"Fearless, "chosen", "enough"
"Worthy", "unafraid", "victorious"


  • Chain measures 18 inches
  • Gold-plated chain, silver-plated tag 
  • This piece is hand-made
  • This necklace is reversible, so you can pick what side to wear as the front each day.
  • Comes with a 3x3 insert with powerful truth statements about who you are as a woman. Put this insert somewhere you can see it daily to be reminded of how God sees you!

$37.80  $54.00

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