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August 2022 Declaration Postcard

  • $1.00

In the month of August, God is bringing swift turnarounds so that your hard places become a wide open field.  God is bringing about divine connections in order to strengthen the body of Christ. He is releasing faith for radical generosity, divine strategy to champion others, and solutions for meeting the needs of the disenfranchised. This month, draw close to the Holy Spirit and listen to His whispers. He will guide you as you take bold steps of faith and meet you in your courage.

Read more of what God is saying over the month of August here.

This postcard comes with five meaning-filled declarations to inspire and encourage your heart this month. 


  1. God is bringing about swift and divine turnarounds in my life.
  2. God is orchestrating intentional connections in my life–I am meeting the right people at the right time!
  3. I am generous and give into the Kingdom of God.
  4. I champion those around me and fight for what I believe in.
  5. God is delivering me from areas of turmoil and oppression in my life.