A Child is Born Christmas Bracelet

This stunning bracelet is inspired by Isaiah 6:9 and the names of Jesus! Christmas is the perfect time to remember the wonders of our Savior and to meditate on the names of God. Comes with a lovely silver plated bracelet and gold and silver plated charms and hand-stamped words.

This bracelet makes a beautiful gift for someone you love or a gift for yourself to remember the goodness of God. 

Words and Charms on Bracelet:

  • "Wonderful Counselor"
  • Dove -   Peace (from the dove that found dry land for Noah in Genesis 8)
  • "Mighty God"
  • Crown -   Royal Identity and Inheritance
  • "Everlasting Father"
  • Heart -   Known and Loved by God
  • "Prince of Peace"
  • Cross -  Finished Work of the Cross


  • Bracelet measures 7.5"
  • All components are gold and silver-plated
  • Handmade in the USA
  • 'The Crowning Jewels' logo tag


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