May 2021 Postcard

In the month of May, God is refining and strengthening the body of Christ. He is revealing weaknesses in the infrastructure and preparing a beautiful bride full of character and love. God is encouraging us to choose Him and ask for wisdom as we process the things in our life. He is a good Father that longs to instill identity in us and release an abundance of blessing on us. If you are sowing or plowing seeds, God wants to bless you in your steps of faith, no matter how small. The breakthrough you are contending for is not far beyond your reach, keep waiting expectantly for Him.

Read the full blog on what we believe God is doing in the month of May by clicking here.

Let these declarations remind you that you are being rooted in the deep love of Jesus. Hang this postcard on your mirror, place it on your car visor or send it to a friend. Let your words create worlds!

Postcard: 4x6


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