Beauty For Ashes

“To bestow on her a crown of beauty for ashes.” Isaiah 61:3
While some would paint Bathsheba as an artful seductress, history records her story differently. Hers is a tale of tragedy--a woman misused by a lustful man, who then lost both her husband and child. A whirlwind of events outside her control caused her to experience tragic and overwhelming loss. Through it all, Bathsheba remained unbeaten and God covered her in grace during her hardship.

God brought beautiful redemption to her story through the birth of her son, Solomon, and three other sons by King David. He gave her “beauty for ashes” and allowed her be the beloved mother of the wisest man who ever lived. In fact, Bathsheba’s wisdom significantly influenced Solomon’s writings and he greatly honored his mother. Tradition states that Bathsheba is the author of Proverbs 31, and her son Solomon was the scribe. Bathsheba reminded David of his promise to allow Solomon to become king; she lived to see her son become a powerful and wise king. Though her story is full of sorrow, God did hear the desires of Bathsheba’s heart and He invited her into a beautiful legacy leading up to the lineage of Jesus.

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